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 Monday  |  05.20.2019
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - Technical Data 

Technical Data APU768:

The technical data given here are valid at room temperature (+25C) and power supply of nominal +5.20V DC:

Digital Features:

Sampling rate of the audio bus systems: 768kHz
Number of audio bus systems: 2, 1x primary, 1x secondary
Number of bits per audio bus system: 2x 24Bit
Working frequency of the audio bus systems: 49.152MHz (1024x 48kHz)
Data rate per audio bus system: 24.576MBd
Working frequency of the Micro-Controller (161U): 36MHz (8MHz x 4.5)
Word length of the Micro-Controller (161U): 16Bit
Working frequency of the HDD-DSP (ADSP2184N): 49.152MHz (1024x 48kHz)
Word length / Accumulator of the HDD-DSP (ADSP2184N): 16Bit / 48Bit
Working frequency of the precision oscillator: 49.152MHz (1024x 48kHz)
Side band noise: TBD dBc/Hz @ 1kHz Offset
Audio sampling frequency of the USB1.1-PC-interface: 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz, 2x 16 Bit stereo each

 Control Elements + Displays:

Number of bit generators / division: 3, 2x 16 raster, 1x 32 raster
Graphical display / resolution / colour: LC-Display, 240x120 pixel, blue / white monochrome 
Brightness of the graphical display: 64 steps, linear
Control of the contrast of the graphical display: 64 steps, linear
Brightness of the LED's on the rear of the device: 256 steps, linear
Reading of the real time clock: hh:mm:ss, DD:MM:YY, weekday

Slots for the Modules:

Number of slots: 14 total
Number of 25mm slots : 14 maximum
Number of 50mm slots: 7 maximum

Remote Control + Interfaces:

Remote control, bi-directional: Bluetooth
PC-interfaces (standard): USB1.1
PC-interfaces (optional): USB2.0

Power Supply:

Power supply voltage: +5.20V +/-0.2V DC
Current consumption: 14A max.
Power consumption turned off, without a module, no HDD: 1.5W (290mA @ 5.2V), display with min. brightness
Power consumption turned on, without a module, no HDD: 3.9W (750mA @ 5.2V), display with max. brightness


Connector DC-power input: Hirschmann CA3GS
Antenna plug for Bluetooth: SMA 50Ω (standard RF-connector)
Connector for USB1.1: type B
Connector for USB2.0 (optional): type B


Temperature range operating (room temperature): +10C to +40C
Temperature range storage (transportation also): 0C to +70C

Mechanical Figures:

Available colour: Al-nature
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD): 484 x 132 x 320 (usable for 19" rack)
Weight without moduls: 13kg


Electrical Safety: according EN 60065: 2002
Safety against squirting water: according IPX4


Emission: EN 55013: 2000, EN 61000-3-2: 2000 and EN 61000-3-3: 1996
Disturbing influence: EN 55020: 2000
Electrical discharge: EN 61000-6-1: 2001

State of information: 11. July 2004.  Data given are subject of change without notice.