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 Monday  |  05.20.2019
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - APD192 

ADP192: Audio Data Processor 192kHz for Room Correction (preliminary):

High performance Digital Signal Processor

The high performance Digital Signal Processor technique, realized with the SHARC® ADSP21369 from Analog Devices, offers a unique filtering used in the High End audio world for the first time. Using the „Fast Convolution” arbitrary frequency slopes can be generated for multi channel too and in real time.

Digital filtering using „Fast Convolution“

Handling the „Fast Convolution” is done by converting the audio signal from time to frequency domain (FFT), processing the wanted filter function and converting back to the time domain again (IFFT). This processing allows filter functions never to be achieved by any analogue technique and with digital filtering only at low sampling rates.

New opportunities for High End Audio

The applied technology is based on the digital room correction from Ascendo. The common soft- and hardware know-how of Ascendo and behold offers a unique and totally new opportunities of digital signal processing for High End audio.

Frequency slope correction of loudspeakers

For sure frequency slopes of loudspeakers, compensatable unwanted characteristics of the listening room and the cross over can be done in one process. This can be achieved by a special algorithm in one single filter function.

Digital active cross over

An active cross over can now be realized with never before done edge steepnesses. A cross over at 3kHz with a steepness of 240dB/Octave is easy to be generated. At 1kHz still 200dB/Octave are available. And all this is performed without any loss at all, due to the mathematics working with 40Bit float.

The coefficients are downloaded from PC in real time using a 100MB/s LAN.

In the pre-amplifier APU768 up to two ADP192 are to be used.

Flyer ADP192

ASCENDO Room Tools

The well known ASCENDO „Room Tools“ are best suitable for a PC based generation of filter functions for room correction. Compensation of frequency slopes of loudspeakers can also be done with this tool. The coefficients are transmitted through a Fast-Ethernet interface in real time directly to the behold ADP192 Audio Data Processor.

Frequency slope of speakers
plus room uncorrected
Frequency slope of correction filter
(yellow points)
Frequency slope of speakers
plus room corrected

For further details: www.room-tools.com